Body concept design

Geometric female back piece tattoo

This is just a short blog in conjunction with the guest spot that i had at time travelling tattoo studio in landshut.The body concept is something that does not happen to often as it requires a customer that is willing to go to a large scale and needs to be willing to go to appointments for 1 to 2 years following but in saying this i still like to do some designs during the year.  This is a follow up to the male back piece that i did in Time Travelling Tattoo. 

Under The Needle

Looking for new tattoo ideas short guide on choosing a tattoo.

So it's that time of the year again, you have had the summer months to soak up the sun, party and let your tattoos show.  Now with the summer over, it seems to be time to start thinking about which new tattoo to get now that the cold months are starting, not so many parties are happening and its generally a good time to rest your brain.  Now that things have quietened down, you'll have much more time to think about ideas for that special tattoo.

Japanese Cover up

tattoo cover up

Martin came to me and asked me to do something with his back tattoo he was not sure what we could do.

Here is the cover up or add on. So, I had restrictions and had to kill the hard line between the old tattoo and bring in some more flow.

Robert's Back Piece

polka tattoo graphic style

Here are some photos of vinyl leading up to the ideas for my backpiece.

First picture showing (from left ): portland streetpunx criminal damage first lp with lyric sheet; "and it won´t be stopped by rain and time won´t