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This is a dedication to completing my trade as a tattoo artist. As a friend once told me if you cannot build your own tools how can you know your trade, how can you call yourself a tradesman (I hated this conmment at the time but I knew he was right). In a world of the fast growing tattoo buisness sometimes I feel as if certain elements of our handcrafts are lost. It's true but it is not a bad thing of course, somethings are not necessary in this day and age but it is a personal choice of mine to have this interest in old techniques or skills, though it is not a requirement but extremely interesting to me on my journey.  Tattoo machine building, for me, was the most challenging task I have undergone in my trade, since there are no books, no websites and not much sharing of information between machine builders. Since most machine builders hold their ideas and secrets close to their chest it was no wonder they don't share this information. This left me with the long road of reading what I could find on electromagnetism, tooling, machining techniques, material types, material composition and testing whether it was correct or time wasting. In truth, after 3 years of trying and testing, I can say that there is no particular type of material that is correct or the best to use. There is no one thing like a special material that does make one builder's machines better than others. In the end I think it is the combination of all components that you found to make your solution viable. I think my tattoo machines fit me and my style for now, and I would be content if I could conclude that through my research I have obtained the right knowelege to call myself a tradesman or artisan. If even this might be true I feel I am at the beginning of an end. There is no limit and no end to progressing in something you are passionate about. Once you remain humble and open to new ideas there will always be room to learn. Thank you for having an interest in my blog, and if you have any questions about my machines I will try to answer you to the best of my knowlege. Mac

Available models.

Geometric tattoo machines, blackwork tattoo machines

At the moment I have 5 available models which come in a variation of black, bronze and wood finishes, I think these materials can stand the test of time .

Custom Builds

Tattoo machine parts blackwork tattoo machines custom tattoo machine parts

This is one of my custom machines in which I try to experiment with different materials that I love to work with. There are more hours invested in the building of this type of machine that I care to remember but I build it because I love it. I could list the machine composition but it would be long and  boring for the most. The short version, stainless steel, bronze, iron, copper, wood, resin and mild steel.

Final Model

Polygon tattoo machine

 I hope that I can build a machine for you and you can enjoy working with my machines as much as I do. Thanks for reading. Mac

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