Japanese Cover up

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tattoo cover up

Martin came to me and asked me to do something with his back tattoo he was not sure what we could do.

I had a look and i was not sure either. It was a difficult design with two different styles separated by a hard line.

So as usual I took my time i needed to think, get a feeling what I should do. Cover up or blending tattoos can be difficult.

Sometimes the ideas come instantly or sometimes they don't, that's the creative process.

cover up complete

cover up complete

Here is the cover up or add on. So, I had restrictions and had to kill the hard line between the old tattoo and bring in some more flow. Blend into the tribal and fill the center. In the end i was happy with the result. I think it works for all the things needed to consider.

Dragon close up

Japanese tattoo cover up

There has to be flexibility for the compromise. Sometimes you cannot do what you wish. Cover ups are hard, there is no doubt about that. So here is a better view of the dragon.

Chest Arm tattoo

Koi fish arm and chest tattoo

This was the next stage, to add on a arm piece and chest piece. I hope we will see Martin again for the other side of the body, to complete the traditional style back, chest, half sleeve Japanese tattoo.

Thanks Martin .
Bee good, Mac