Robert's Back Piece

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polka tattoo graphic style

Here are some photos of vinyl leading up to the ideas for my backpiece.

First Ideas

music portland streetpunx criminal damage

First picture showing (from left ): portland streetpunx criminal damage first lp with lyric sheet; "and it won´t be stopped by rain and time won´t ease this suffering all i know s we´ll fight for what we need" taken from the song "power of fools". in the middle there´s the born/dead - peligro social split 7-inch-single. anarcho-punk with kind of spanish revolution inspired artwork. On the right (above) there´s the "deutschland in decline"-sampler of heartfirst records. a good way to sum up the attitude described by that tattoo. also on the right, of course, there´s the citizens patrol 7-inch-single. dutch hardcore punk in 80ies-us-hc-style.

second ideas

music albums this bike is a pipebomb fugazi

Second pic´s showing the backcover of the "this bike is a pipebomb" lp. the two songs "this is what i want" and "the argument" (also an amazing fugazi-song) made it into the backpiece. on the left you can see the second lp by "criminal damage" showing the pigs in their classic pose.

Final tattoo complete

tattoo back  polka style