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Dear Customers, I regret to tell you that I won't be taking any more requests for the next 6 months. My calendar is full at this time, but I will try to reply to the outstanding requests as soon as possible, Thank you for all your inquiries.

Kind regards,



Liebe Kunden, Ich bin mit Anfragen in den letzten Monaten überschwemmt worden, so dass ich für die nächsten 6 Monate ausgebucht bin. Leider ist es mir nicht möglich, noch mehr Anfragen für die kommenden Monate anzunehmen. Vielen Dank für Euer Verständnis!



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Where I'm Based

I have moved to a more private location and I no longer work at

Kleine Welt Tattoo studio .

I make private appointments only at the moment and have a waiting list of at least 6 to 8 months so if you like to have a appointment you You can contact me here through the form on the left, or by phone, details below:

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